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Podcast FC Show Soccer Podcast

Apr 19, 2019

SOLO DOLO - This episode Tum discusses the crazy upsets results we saw in Champions League and Europa League!! The best game of the week being Man City vs. Spurs is marred with controversy and plenty of highs and lows! Tum also directly responds to a fan question and previews both Champions League and potential Europa...

Apr 14, 2019

FULL HOUSE!! (Things get heated) This episode Tiki, Al, Huss, Al, Tum, and Snacks heatedly debate Mane and Salah's heroics vs Chelsea, Sterling and Man City drain their bogie team Crystal palace, the Lucas Moura show as Spurs destroy Huddersfield, and how Man United won ugly vs West Ham!! 

Liverpool 2-0 Chelsea


Apr 8, 2019

This week Huss, Tiki, Tum, and Snacks discuss the epic FA Cup Semi-Final games as well as the rest of the EPL games. Tum takes a verbal beating for Arsenal losing to Everton, Huss thinks Liverpool are champs already, and even though they didn't play this weekend, Tiki and Snacks find a way to mention Man United. This is...

Apr 1, 2019

Premier League Matchday 32 Review

EPL IS BACK! Tiki, Tum, Huss, and Snacks heatedly debate the big match of the week Liverpool vs Spurs, Man City keep rolling, are we taking Aguero's greatness for granted? Man United stumble over the finish line vs. Watford, Chelsea get lucky VAR hasn't been implemented and Cardiff's...

Mar 17, 2019


Birthday boy Al, Tiki, Tum, and Snacks debate an erratic schedule starting with title hopefuls Liverpool aka Mane FC vs. Fulham followed by a major UPSET in Everton vs the sad Blues Chelsea, leading to the Quick Touch segment. 

Wolves UPSET Man United in FA Cup action!! Man City comeback...